Ever wanted to hang an art piece made up of more than 4,000 replica ecstasy pills on your wall? Well, now is your chance.

Artist Chemical X—known for creating the Ministry of Sound logo—created and donated the £50,000 ($67,000) art piece. For £2 ($2.70) you can enter a competition to win the art piece made up of 4,111 replica, Ying-Yang style ecstasy pills. Drug harm reduction charity The Loop is organizing the competition.

The Loop is organizing the charity to raise funds for life-saving drug testing labs.

They have also partnered with VICE for the publication’s Safe Sesh campaign, which aims to promote harm reduction. VICE interviewed Chemical X to learn more about the piece, including what inspired it and his feelings toward ecstasy.

You can read the full interview at VICE’s website. Head over to The Loop’s website to find out how to enter the competition.