Mat Zo‘s take on house music is as interesting as it gets, as showcased here with his latest release. The brand new EP, This Is A Mad Zoo House, explores a groovy spectrum of four on the floor beats and unstoppable energy.

Just three tracks deep and you’ll already be addicted to the sounds of Mat Zo, though his style tends to cross over multiple styles and genres on the regular. Zo never stays in one place for too long, which is exactly why his music is so fun to experience.

Through the decades, house music has changed, but the essence — what it stands for — has remained the same. As Zo experiments with these three infectious “club tracks with a French-y vibe,” it’s impossible to get enough of his sound. He’s known for all sorts of music ranging from trance to dubstep, drum and bass and beyond, but with house music he finds his stride.

Here are some of his own thoughts on This Is A Mad Zoo House:

“With this EP I wanted to let go and have fun, not thinking about sample clearances. I found all of these samples and loops the old fashioned way, by going to record stares and crate digging. I didn’t want to sample the same shit over and over, especially in House Music where there’s a kind of sample hall of fame people stick to. I wanted to find obscure samples that I couldn’t find on the internet and try and give them a new breath of life.” – Mat Zo

Get “Bad Posture,” available for free download, and enjoy all three tracks including “Unknown FM” and “Shake The Room” below.

Mat Zo – This Is A Mad Zoo House EP

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