It’s pretty easy to see how even four years later, Porter Robinson’s Worlds is still influencing producers. Japanese vocal samples and that all-too-familiar chord progression have flourished in this future bass climate, though many producers tend to lean on that sound just a little too hard.

It’s tough to find that line between being a Porter clone and taking inspiration from him, but ZAXX has achieved the latter with beautiful precision. His new song “Together,” out today via Proximity, is, in many ways, eligible of being a Worlds B-side. High pitched, modulated vocals, whimsical synths, and yes, Japanese vocal samples, can all be found within.

Perhaps what sets “Together” apart is the reason behind its production.

“‘Together’ was influenced by my desire to make something beautiful, dynamic, yet simple,” explains ZAXX. “It was one of the first songs I made that really took me out of my comfort zone while exploring this new musical direction. Music brings people together and that definitely is a message I’m trying to push forward with this song and my music in general.”

Whether you see “Together” as a Worlds clone or not, it’s hard to deny that it’s a beautiful piece of music that deserves recognition. Check it out now below.