Alison Wonderland struck gold earlier this year with her sophomore album Awake, including the emotionally-charged single “Easy.”

“When I’m not happy, it feels like there is constant dark raincloud over my head and it seems like everyone else is in the sunshine. It’s easy to feel isolated and alone,” explains Wonderland. “I wrote ‘Easy’ on a day I felt like this.”

Now, the single returns in new form with this remix by Kaivon.

Kaivon keeps the emotional tone while pumping up the energy just a bit, turning the more ballad-like original into a future bass climax. It’s not hard to imagine the pyrotechnics that might accompany this track in a set, or the reaction from the crowd when it’s dropped.

This remix and another by Billion are available everywhere tomorrow. For now, listen to Kaivon’s remix below exclusively via Your EDM.