Alright, we’re finally cluing into 1788-L’s release schedule and getting ready for a new release every two weeks. It’s honestly insane that an artist we only just heard of in February is already garnering this much attention and praise. It’s definitely not something we’ve seen in a long time.

The newest track from this project is “Cyberspace,” a sort of cinematic ode to dystopia. It keeps in line with 1788-L’s style of wildly distorted bass and crunchy synths, while also bringing back some of the bass guitar notes we heard in the “Would You Ever” remix.

While this still carries a lot of the more bombastic notes of past tracks, this is also easily one of the slower and more world-building song’s released from 1788-L. Just imagining the build in this playing out at a 1788-L set, whenever that might be, is enough to put us on the edge of our seats.

Check out “Cyberspace” below.