Everything Cashmere Cat touches is freaking phenomenal…

His production skills are truly otherworldly and he has proven time and time again his ability to tackle a wide array of styles and genres creatively, emotionally and instinctually. Most recently, his talents have been brought on as a part of Nas‘ new record Nasir — and you need to hear these songs right now.

The seven-track album marks the return of Nas, all of which are closely produced by close homie and artistic mastermind Kanye West. Nasir also rocks features from Diddy, The-Dream, and Tony Williams, for a star-studded effect. Of course, Kanye jumps on a track, too — but again, you can hear his influence on every single track.

What Cashmere Cat did for Kanye West’s “Wolves” is what he does here for Nas’ “Not For Radio” and “everything.” It’s not as eerie and experimental as heard with that haunting collaboration, though. These two tracks pack much heartier, traditional hip hot beats best suited for Nas’ signature vibe.

Hear Cashy’s presence on this new album below!

Cashmere Cat Jumps On Nas’ New Album Nasir


Photo by Chelsea Lauren/WireImage