The future of social media and music streaming looks seamless. And, as new code suggests, soon users will be able to add music directly to their Instagram Stories — perfect for friends to share among friends, and for musicians to share with fans.

Instagram is a common way for artists and their followings to connect, so it only makes sense that music tagging would be integrated into the platform. Instagram and Spotify have been working together to make this possible. Meanwhile, Snapchat and Pandora have teamed up to bring music to social media users.

Back to Insta. As pointed out by TechCrunch, the coding reveals “music stickers” will soon be part of the platform’s Android app. It seems the new feature will be capable of searching through tracks, genres, and artists.

instagram music search

But the most exciting part — music selections will be able to play in the background of Instagram Story uploads, which isn’t something possible using the current Spotify/Instagram integration.

According to TechCrunch, Instagram is also testing a Shazam-like system that will be able to detect songs that users are listening to on the spot. That would truly be next level.

We’re so excited for the rollout of “music stickers” and more. Stay tuned!


H/T: NME | Source: TechCrunch