Something like a collaboration between Ekali, Tynan & Hekler sounds like it should be outlawed, but alas, here is “Blood Moon.” Probably the craziest part of the track is that you can almost clearly identify where each producer lent their influence.

Of course, each producer likely worked together on the overall melody and vibe of the track, but there are three individual and different drops in the mix, so it’s not hard to believe that each worked on one. Our guess is Tynan, then Hekler, then Ekali, but honestly, who knows if this theory even holds water.

At the end of the day, the track builds and builds on itself, continually growing bigger and more bad ass as it goes on. It’s one of those tracks you hear live and think to yourself, “It can’t possibly get bigger than this… oh fuck, there it is.”

Check out “Blood Moon” below.