If you’ve never heard of Fairlane before, don’t worry, that’s by design. Fairlane is not a mystery producer; his name is of Tyler Mead, a Canadian based producer who’s been experimenting with music since his early teenage years. But the Fairlane project is new.

His debut single “Uncover You” marks the unveiling of a unique project which has apparently already been entirely fleshed out. “Uncover You” is not only Fairlane’s debut single, but also the first single from his debut album out spring 2019.

In producing the track, he also had the opportunity to work with Ilsey, most known for her vocals in Kaskade’s 2015 hit, “Disarm You.” In fact, in the dance music world, Ilsey has only ever worked with Kaskade and Robin Schulz, making working with her a privilege.

“Having the chance to work alongside singer-songwriter Ilsey was a unique opportunity that opened my mind to a different perspective to production and composition,” says Fairlane. “The topline struck a particular chord, one which invoked a feeling I’d felt had been missing from my typical creative approach and allowed me to experiment with a direction I’d always wanted to take the project.”

You can listen to Fairlane’s debut single “Uncover You” below via Lowly Palace.