Tomorrowland is set to begin in just two weeks, so ticket holders should be excited. Instead, some are worried that a wrench could be thrown into their travel plans due to a strike from Fórsa, the worker’s union representing the cabin crews of Ryanair.

The strike centers around typical strike issues: pay, lack of oversight, benefits, etc. The first strike will take place in a week on July 12 and will force a 24-hour stoppage. The second, and more threatening, strike takes place over 48 hours on July 25-26. Weekend two of Tomorrowland goes down July 27-29. See the issue?

The second strike will come from cabin crews in Belgium, Portugal, and Spain, countries which might serve as connecting destinations for travelers.

Ryanair has allegedly, according to documents shared by the airline, attempted to meet with FORSA twenty times since initial proposals were sent in April, all of which have been met with postponement.

According to Telegraph, a strike on Ryanair has been narrowly avoided every single time in its 33-year history, so there’s hope yet. Still, travelers may want to start planning contingencies to their current travel arrangements.

The good news is that Tomorrowland has had a partnership with Brussels Airlines since 2012. According to a representative for the festival, Tomorrowland will welcome 11,000 people via Brussels Airlines alone. Over 32,000 festivalgoers in total will be traveling with Global Journey, a transport package arranged by Tomorrowland.

You can read more from travelers on Reddit here.


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