As controversial as Marshmello is in the dance music world, no one can deny that he has conquered a variety of platforms from cooking to streaming. Now, he’s looking to take over the world of gaming with a new series featuring prominent gamers.

Now on its second episode, Marshmello sits down with FaZe Banks for a FIFA 18 tournament. And already the series is starting to show its weaknesses: without commentary and responses from Marshmello, the entire impetus on entertainment is on his guests. And especially with a game like FIFA where action is so few and far between, and the games are so long, a lot of editing is required that can ruin the flow of the video.

Ultimately, at least in this video, we’re basically watching a good gamer play against a voiceless pantomime while a FIFA game goes on in the background. We learn nothing new about either person, nor is the match itself all that interesting. Hopefully¬†“Gaming with Marshmello” works out the kinks early on, otherwise it will fall to the same fate as his cooking show.

Check out Marshmello playing FIFA below, and watch his first episode here.