Zedd recently threw the biggest show of his entire career at Zedd in the Park — which came with no shortage of his greatest hits, collaborative tracks, and even some unannounced special guests to spice up the evening!

One of the most talked about moments came when Elley Duhé joined the producer on stage to perform their new single “Happy Now.” The pop collab sounded oh so sweet, whether you were up close or toward the back, as you can see from both angles below.

“Not gonna lie my [heart] is pretty full,” Elley shared on social media with her epic video. Guess that’s what happens when you high-key nail a performance as big as this one.

Zedd had plenty more up his sleeve for this special event. Drew Taggart of The Chainsmokers even showed up to sing “Closer” on stage and nobody saw it coming.

Watch “Are You Happy Now” play out below and see “Closer” live here.

Zedd x Elley Duhé – “Are You Happy Now” Live

not gonna lie my 🧡 is pretty full

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Photo via Rukes.com