Electric Forest was lucky enough to witness a rare Testpilot (aka deadmau5) set during weekend 2, and now we get to experience it all over again!

After a solid run of mau5trap artists and friends, Testpilot topped it all off at Electric Forest’s most bass heavy stage, Tripolee. He was in great company throughout the day, as Attlas, Blackgummy, Chris Lake, Claptone, Jeremy Olander, Rinzen and Lane 8 took the stage and kept the music throbbing into the night.

When Testpilot took his position in the cockpit, fans were absolutely electrified for two straight hours as the producer shifted into his dark and mysterious techno alias. Heavy selects from Charlotte De Witte and ARTBAT were played out early on, but the vast majority of Testpilot’s set sounded like one giant ID.

Though it was deeply satisfying to hear the unknown, this set was a stark contrast from what we heard at Movement Music Festival last year (watch). He worked in only mere glimpses of familiar deadmau5 progressions, showcasing a totally evolved sound many weren’t expecting.

Looking back, this not only was one of the very best sets of the entire music festival — it was one of the most incredible spectacles we’ve ever seen — period. Shoutout YouTube user Anna B, who took on the role of recording all but the first eight minutes of this fantastic performance.

Watch below and be amazed!

Testpilot (Deadmau5) – Live at Electric Forest 2018



Photo via Rukes.com