Like & Subscribe,” the new original series and brainchild from Dillon Francis is coming very soon. And, to get us excited, he has joined the “Yeah, But Still” podcast to talk details with his costars Brandon Wardell and Jack Wagner.

For over an hour, these guys entertain with hilarious conversations about the show and tons of other randomness. Most notably, the music producer turned executive producer talks about the inspiration behind the show’s concept as they dive into the plot of the first episode, without giving too much away.

Brandon Wardell’s character in particular, Cody Clark, deals with the pressures of being an online influencer. Meanwhile, Dillon Francis plays a manager under pressure, offering much comic relief along the way. “Like & Subscribe” is very much satire, but some of the problems these characters face happen in the lives of real influencers every day.

Dillon Francis recently surprised fans everywhere when he spilled on his new series: Over the last year Ive been developing my own show called @likeandsub. Its about a topic very very dear to my heart…influencers. Its out July 9th…I am starring in it & also I executive produced it.. A lot of work went into this & i am so excited for you all to finally see it.

Spoiler alerts ahead! Listen below and don’t forget to watch “Like & Subscribe” on July 9th.

Yeah, But Still Episode 49: Spoiler Alert feat. Dillon Francis


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