UPDATE: Zach Greeson has been found safe in Alabama. Authorities are still looking for Kevin Graves.

A week later, police are still looking for two men who went missing after Electric Forest’s second weekend. Both were last seen at the music festival, held in Rothbury, Michigan.

Zach Greeson, 21 (left) went missing June 30, and Kevin Graves, 28 (right), never turned up after he got into a fight with his girlfriend on July 1. Greeson is from Athens, Alabama and Graves is a Michigan local from Highland Township.

Here are descriptions of the two missing men:

Zach Greeson 
-5 feet 6 inches tall 
-135 lbs.
-curly strawberry blonde hair
-blue eyes
-septum and nostril piercings
-“slut” tattoo on his upper right shoulder
-cat whisker tattoo on his right index finger 

Kevin Graves
-6 feet tall
-185 lbs.
-sandy blonde hair
-blue eyes
-“USMC” tattoo, left shoulder

Graves’ family is offering a $10,000 reward for information on his whereabouts. Anyone with info on either missing person is asked to call the Michigan State Police Hart Post at (231) 873-2171.


Source: FOX 2 Detroit