Afrojack is reportedly being investigated in relation to an embezzlement case against his tax specialist, Frank B. aka “the tax specialist of the stars.”

The Dutch Fiscal Information and Investigation Service is heading up the investigation, which alleges the financial professional intentionally stole millions of dollars from his customers. Over the years, Frank B. has worked with a number of elite clientele, including DJ Tiësto.

Now, they’re trying to find out if Afrojack, real name Nick van de Wall, knew this was going on. Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf mentions a house search at Afrojack’s former manager’s residence set out to find correspondence between the superstar DJ and his tax advisor.

Upon Frank B.’s initial arrest, Afrojack said he was “shocked” and was unaware of any illegal activity by Frank B. In addition, his spokesman said everything was left up to his tax advisor. No further comment was given at the time.

It’s unclear if Afrojack or any of Frank B.’s other clients will be held responsible for the alleged fraudulent activity. If that is the case, hefty fines or additional taxes may need to be paid in order to make up for the unlawful money moves.


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