Avicii tributes have been playing out left and right across the music festival circuit this summer, as the world’s most notable DJs remember a true legend.

TiëstoAxwell Λ Ingrosso, Kygo, and countless others have channeled Avicii through their own sets for a touching result each and every time. Most recently, Alesso dropped Arty‘s new tribute song in Avicii’s honor at Ultra Europe — and it’s one of the most remarkable, heartfelt moments we’ve ever seen.

“For Tim” celebrates the producer’s legacy, as well as the genre in which he made such an impact on. The stylized production screams Avicii with light, happy chords and a vibrant, uplifting vibe. Honoring the music pioneer to this degree is no easy feat, but Arty completely nails it.

For this particular, very special moment, Alesso dropped a dazzling mashup of his own track “Heroes” alongside “For Tim” — two incredible songs that together speak even louder volumes.

Watch this beautiful tribute play out at Ultra Europe 2018 right here!

Alesso Drops Arty’s “For Tim”

Alesso drop new Arty´s song called "For Tim" In honor of Avicii at ultra europe 2018 [HQ] from EDM


Photo via Rukes.com