There are a variety of ways to pick artists for a remix EP. For Jinco, names and hype didn’t really matter as much as the quality of music, so he hosted a live stream and had artists send him demos while he listened to them live. After that, he went back and picked the best ones and had them do remixes. It was that simple.

The end result is a 9-track remix EP for “Haven’t Said,” Jinco’s first, that’s about as diverse as you can get. I spent yesterday listening through the whole thing and aside from the vocals, each track sounded remarkably different. It was enough that I could listen to a 9-track remix EP without ever once getting bored. Genres vary from dubstep to house to future bass to more experimental fare and everything in between.

Our favorites of the bunch are Schade, Glass Dunes, and Tony V, but Jinco has his own and we’re sure that you will too. Check them all out below!