Bill Hamel of progressive act Fatum passed away at the beginning of July, and fans and colleagues everywhere offered their thoughts and prayers to his family. Above all, Hamel was a beloved artist of the Anjuna label, founded by Above & Beyond.

Now, nearly two weeks separated from his passing, Above & Beyond’s Paavo has shared some words of personal wisdom and sorrow in regards to Hamel’s death. From how the post begins, it seems to imply that Hamel took his own life, though no cause of death has been publicly announced.

Regardless of that small question, Paavo’s message about mental fitness and helping those in need is still as poignant as ever. Though I’m not personally a huge fan of Above & Beyond, I’ve heard from countless contemporaries and fans about how they’ve helped people in need, and have even saved lives with their music.

Even those doing the saving sometimes have their own issues to deal with, just as Paavo admits he does. He recounts going through group therapy (no pun intended) in January to deal with issues of anxiety and and stress.

“There’s been a lot of talk about Mental Health, but I prefer the term Mental Fitness,” he says. “[It’s] something we can train, work at, and get better at. And often, it’s even more fun together.”

Read Paavo’s full statement below.

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