Festivals are always looking for that bit of magic, that bit of edge over competitors to make their event truly shine and be memorable. Most of the time, organizers put the focus on attendee safety, production, lineup, etc., but sometimes the most magical moments are within our control at all.

During weekend 2 of Tomorrowland, on July 27 to be precise, fans will be able to see the longest lunar eclipse, otherwise known as a Blood Moon, in a century.

Europe, including Belgium, is perfectly poised to witness this event for two whole hours as the Earth comes directly in between the sun and moon to cast an eerie red glow on our celestial partner. On the other hand, the entirety of North America will be unable to see it. (It will be viewable from Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe and South America.)

The eclipse will be at its maximum at 10:21pm in Belgium, right as Tiësto plays on the main stage.

It will be another 82 years before another Blood Moon as long as this occurs, so it’s sure to be a truly special moment for those witnessing it.


Photo via Wladows