Galantis have a consistent track record of putting out some of the most feel-good, happy go lucky music in EDM, so it’s no surprise that their new 2-track EP is some of their happiest yet.

Teaming up with MAX on “Satisfied” and dropping “Mama Look At Me Now,” Galantis have defended their title once again. “Satisfied” mixes an infectious, funky bassline with MAX’s perfect vocals for one magnificent ’70s-esque throwback tune.

“The second the Galantis guys sent me this song I was OBSESSED! It’s an energy that we both share and are so in love with and their production is just out of this world. I’m honored to be the voice on such a magnificent summer jam!” -MAX on “Satisfied”

As for the B-side, “Mama Look At Me Now,” aside from some pretty cheesy lyrics, it’s a definite earworm that you’ll be sure to sing along with whenever you hear it.

Check out both tracks below, out now!