It’s not all that uncommon these days for producers, even bigger guys, to have side projects with which they can release music that doesn’t quite fit their main identity. Martin Garrix has GRX, Afrojack has NLW, it goes on…

A new producer calling himself Big Pineapple is currently raising suspicions that it might be a Don Diablo side project. A couple of the clues that point to this are a debut release on Hexagon, of which there is only a Don Diablo edit, and no original mix.

The second clue comes from Instagram, where Don Diablo responded to a comment which was clearly meant for Big Pineapple. The simplest explanation is that Don forgot to switch his accounts and accidentally responded with the wrong one; an alternate explanation is that they share the same social media manager, which is also likely considering Big Pineapple has already released on Hexagon and is clearly supported by the label.

There’s still no clear answer as to Big Pineapple’s identity, nor does there need to be one immediately. There’s no indication this is anything more than a gimmick yet, so it’s best to hold judgement and wait and see. For now, you can listen to “Another Chance” above.


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