What happens when two of the most forward-thinking producers from bass music get together in a studio and create an album? You get In Praise Of Darkness from Shades, the collaborative project between Alix Perez and EPROM. The duo has actually been producing as Shades for the past four years, spanning four EPs, but this is the very first full-length endeavor from the group, out via Deadbeats, and it’s well worth the wait.

If you’re already familiar with the music of either artist individually, you’ll have a small idea of what to expect on In Praise Of: wonky bass rhythms, experimental sound design, crazy percussion and unpredictable switch ups characterize this entire album. And it’s all done within an idea of musical perfection.

To say that this album is anything less than a journey which you have to experience the full way through would be incorrect. Certain tracks are certainly worthy of being called singles, such as “The Saga,” Guillotine,” or “Nullifier,” but even those become more other-worldly when experienced as part of the full package.

Not only communicated through their 19C lithography style artwork, the album’s only feature track “Alarma” feat. Killa P today received a XIPHI-directed dark, gothic, underground rap video which perfectly encapsulates their style.

In Praise Of Darkness it out now everywhere. Listen to the full masterpiece below via Spotify: