When President Trump visited London last week, an extended protest rave was held with top tier talent. Seth Troxler was among those DJs, and he and his peers marched on the streets of London to protest Trump.

Fox News took to the streets to interview protestors, and Fox News host Sean Hannity stumbled upon Troxler himself for an interview. The below clip shows the quick interview (most of it was likely edited out), and the results are quite… well, you’ll see.

Hannity asked Troxler what he was protesting, and Troxler answered with “fascism.” Hannity then asked Troxler who he thought was a fascist, to which Troxler boldly replied “you.” Yep, Troxler called Hannity a fascist to his face live on TV.

Check out the full clip below:

But can we talk about Seth Troxler calling Sean Hannity a fascist to his face @ the Trump protest in London last week? There were no lies told hunny.

Posted by Ian Orr on Thursday, July 19, 2018