This is one of the coolest things we’ve ever heard. Rezz just made a fan’s life complete through a series of awesome gestures, which only go to show how much she cares about her loyal following.

“Rezz is the absolute best,” a very lucky fan just shared via the Cult of Rezz Facebook page. “Not only did she use my suggestion to name a track, and get me free VIP tickets to a festival, she also played that track live just because she knew I’d be there.”

Here’s the original exchange…

Imagine if your favorite artist did something like this for you. Well, if Rezz is your favorite, then don’t count it out.

“I’m one of the luckiest people on earth,” he added.

The track named “Magnetic Jungle” hits super hard by the way. Congrats to @notlewis1 on naming this slapper.

If you remember, Rezz was unable to debut the song at Electric Forest due to the file being corrupted. We’re so glad to hear it now though!

Rezz – Magnetic Jungle


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