Swedish DJ/producer duo CAZZETTE first came to prominence during the EDM boom of 2012 with their seminal hit “Beam Me Up.” Since then, they’ve consistently put out new material and toured the globe, remaining one of the more venerable acts in the industry. Fresh off releasing an addictive new single, “Missing You” featuring vaunted vocalist Parson James, CAZZETTE are set to release their new EP Stereo Mono via PRMD Music on August 17. CAZZETTE got to tag along and play a few sets for Kaskade‘s Sun Soaked shows in Southern California this past week. We got the chance to catch up with the touring member of CAZZETTE, Alexander Bjorklund, after his set at Sun Soaked and talked to him about a variety of topics. Despite his busy touring schedule, Alex still found time to move to Los Angeles during the middle of all of this. Check out our interview with Alex of CAZZETTE below.

It’s been a long strange journey since “Beam Me Up” back in 2012, tell me a little about the journey?

“Yeah, it’s been a minute. I’m really grateful for that, though. I’m super happy, we’ve had the opportunity to explore so many genres and sounds, and I feel like we’re kind of finding home now with a little bit slower and house-ier vibe. It’s a little bit more grown up, but not a second less fun than how it was when we started.”

What have been some of the highs and lows of being a working and travelling musician over the past half-decade or so?

“I don’t think there’s any lows really, which sounds weird. There might be times when you’re just really tired. But I think everyone has that no matter what you’re working with. The highs is just performing and creating a connection with people that are coming to your shows. It’s really what I live for.”

You just released “Missing You” with Parson James. Tell me a little bit about how the song developed and what was it like working with Parson?

“Parson is great, he’s such a professional. We got the topline from him, the vocal, and we heard it and we were like, this is it! We sat down and figured it out pretty quickly, songs like that tend to write themselves. When you work with really experienced and talented musicians. It’s weird, because you kind of blackout, and the song is just there after a few hours. And that’s really how it was with Parson. Super happy to have the song out with him and it’s doing really well too.”

How do you think you’ve grown and evolved as a musician and a producer over the years and what else would you like to accomplish in that regard?

“Honestly my goals as an artist and a producer is I just want to make music, that’s all there is to it. So, I’m just going to try to keep on making music. It’s not so much about evolving, I think it’s more about just growing up as a person. Everyone does it, your parents, your friends, your kids, everyone just grows up and changes over time. It’s just a natural process that you just gotta embrace. Personally, I don’t listen to that much bass music anymore, so for me it’s natural to kind of gravitate towards stuff that I listen to. And somewhat the music that I create becomes more genuine as well. So I think it’s about kind of facing out what you’re supposed to be and just embracing who you are.”

Any new music and tour dates for the rest of 2018?

“We have an EP coming out on August 17th, called Stereo Mono, so we’re really excited about that. Lots of great collaborations on it, also very vocal driven, but house-ier. So I’m going to be touring with that through the summer. There are some Europe and Asia dates coming up as well, but mostly North America, for now. Which is good, since I live here now, I think it’s great that I can just go back into the studio during the week, then tour, then go back in the studio. So there’s a lot of music being made, which is something we were missing in the past. We would tour all the time and there was no new music being made. So now it’s a good balance between touring and writing.”

How long have you been living in L.A. for?

“Less than 24 hours, I actually don’t even have a home yet. Tonight I’ll play my third show within 24 hours, and I moved yesterday, so it’s a little crazy right now.”

What do you like the best about Southern California and the crowds?

“The crowd is great here, it’s always a really positive vibe. I think the weather here does something to people, where everyone is just like yeah, let’s do it, that’s chill. It’s so nice, because you wake up here and the sun shines and you feel like you can get a million things done, at least for me. So, I like that there’s always something new going on, like you’re at a party, and it’s always like what’s next. So that drive is really exciting.”

Any words for the fans?

“I just want to tell all the fans that are reading that I love you very, very, very much.”

Check out CAZZETTE’s newest track “Missing You” featuring Parson James below.