Granted “Silhouette” is just one track on the self-titled debut by singer/songwriter Krigarè, but this track along with many of the others on the album indicate what the album is meant to be about: it’s a raw, unornamented snapshot of Krigarè’s life and perspective at this point in time, and the resulting picture is rooted in the feelings of present time, life and breath.

Krigarè has experienced a lot of trauma for being only 18. She fought and won two battles with cancer as a child, and she’s chosen her name, which means “warrior” from those battles. While she has grown up in the music industry and was discovered in part due to her working in licensing and cinema in the music industry from an early age, there is very little pop cachet in Krigarè’s work. It’s heavy, emotive bass and, bell-clear vocal timbre and more heartbreaking lyrics than anyone at her young age should already have come up with that make Krigarè so special.

The album’s style is rooted in dubstep, surprisingly, but with heavy doses of synthy dream pop to round off the harsh edges of the beat and bass. Something that also stands out in this electronic sound of Krigarè’s is a lot of very sophisticated harmonizing in the vocals. She seems to have a preternatural sense for harmonies and combining chords to get the deepest possible connection and impact out of her audience. It certainly works. Between the beats and the harmonies, Krigarè’s music will get into your chest.

If it hasn’t already been made clear, the album opener “Silhouette” is a definite highlight and a stark example of Krigarè’s great aptitude for composition at such a young age. Pretty much every other song is equally striking on this album, but the two singles she’s made videos for, “Heights” and “Sleeping Awake” are easily two more of the best tracks on the album. “Sleeping Awake,” the video for which is below, seems to be about some of Krigarè’s experiences with cancer, as described in grim, terrifying but also somehow transformative detail. Its evocative quality is such that one can expect goosebumps once the first chorus hits, in both the best and worst possible ways.

While she does have access to great production resources, it’s still no hyperbole to say that Krigarè is a prodigy not just musically but in terms of all expression and really getting her audience to feel what she’s felt in making this album. The album is technically flawless that’s not where the real impact is: this album is all heart, and Krigarè is truly a warrior, both of music and of soul.

Krigarè’s self-titled debut album is out now and available to stream on Soundcloud and Spotify. It can be purchased on multiple platforms by visiting the artist’s website.