At only 18 years old, Whales has already conquered the bass music world in Israel and rebranded to push his sound even further out to the rest of the world. His first official track as Whales, fka Sex Whales, was June 29 for “The Way Behind.” He’s back now with his second single, teaming up again with HU$H on “Bring It Back.”

HU$H’s effortless bars provide a bulk of the rhythm since the production mostly flows along with the vocals, and the vocals are truly front and center. But Whales’ production on the backend and in the drops is of course the star of the track, bringing in a definite Snails-esque wobble flavor and then working it back into his own personal style.

“The lyrics are about changes in the world and in life—how they come unexpectedly and can completely repaint your picture of the life that you’ve been looking forward to for so long. I’ve been through so much in the last few years that have completely changed my perception of the world and my place in it, and having to integrate that into my goals and actions has been tough. Having strength and following through has saved me from making some really tough times even harder.” – HU$H

Check out “Bring It Back” below and stay tuned for even more new Whales music!