The Russian duo Synergy seem to be pumping out the tunes at a crazy level lately, with two EPs out on Eatbrain alone in the last three months, not to mention singles on Neosignal, Viper with Teddy Killerz and a remix on RAM for DC Breaks. Their The Abyss EP just dropped worldwide today, and its pulsing basslines and clean composition left us at Your EDM wondering where these two relatively reclusive Russians get their inspiration to make sure tracks. They suggested doing a playlist of their favorite influences that inspired The Abyss and their production in general. The result is a diverse look into what gets Synergy going and a stark reminder of where DnB has been and where it’s going. Be sure to scroll to the end as well for Synergy’s brand new Eatbrain podcast, which also just dropped today.

First a little prelude from the duo: “For us the greatest inspiration were always the tracks that tell story, and those with a lot of soul. In this EP we have tried to do the same thing. The EP embodies a certain period of our lives. There’s actually a huge amount of music that has inspired us for these tracks, so we tried to choose the most memorable.”


    1. Pendulum – Vault

This was one of the first DnB tracks I heard which I will remember my entire life. I remember how I heard this track in the middle of a huge 1hr 50mins mix on an unnamed cd. The track was somewhere around the fortieth minute or something like that. I constantly had to rewind a terribly slow CD player just to listen to a short excerpt of this track again. (laughs)

    1. Concord Dawn – Broken Eyes

This track I first heard when my neighbor, who was also fond of DnB music and later became my friend. He shiwed me his collection of music and among the huge number of different tracks I found this one. The vocal and general energy of the track immediately conquered me.

    1. Black Sun Empire – B’Negative

Before I found the BSE I listened a lot to Kemal and Rob data aka Konflict. I shared my collection with my friend which I mentioned above and he showed me the first single of BSE Recordings with the tracks “The Rat / B’Negative” as I remember. “B’Negative” immediately went on the list of my favorite tracks.

    1. State Of Mind – Sun King

This track I found after I got acquainted with another no less important track by State Of Mind called “Real McCoy.” A little bit later I bought a CD with their LP called Take Control where I heard “Sun King” and a lot of other incredible tracks which I still love nowadays. Since then I am a huge fan of their creativity and madly proud that we were able to make a remix of “Unconscious” by State Of Mind & Black Sun Empire.

    1. TeeBee – Bounce

I heard Teebee’s music much earlier before I heard one of the best albums of my Life, The Legacy. Before that I purchased another album called Black Science Labs and this album was on a loop for years. (laughs) Then I found his mix called The Legacy Exclusive Mix. The first track was “The Bounce” and the drop began with a scratch that was awesome. The Legacy is still a still a best album for me nowadays.


    1.  Phace and Misanthrop – Desert Orgy

I heard this track for the first time in 2009 on the Neosignal Podcast. This track had a very serious influence to me; before that I was not so interested in neurofunk music. Those days, as many other of my friends, I liked more dark and heavy and drum and bass music like Limewax, Tech Itch, et cetera. My attitude towards to neurofunk music radically changed after this track. It was like a breakthrough, a godsend for me since I had not heard anything like that before. These guys very strongly influenced me at that time.

    1. Rockwell – DJ Friendly Unit Shifter

The second track which also changed my vision is “DJ Friendly Unit Shifter” by Rockwell from his single on Shogun Audio. The track was premiered on BBC Radio 1 and this unusual techno sound in the track surprised me a lot. This track has opened to me a deeper side of drum and bass music. I also want to mention his Aria EP, which has influenced me a lot in general.

    1. Concord Dawn – Take Me Away (Ill Skillz remix)

From this track my acquaintance with drum and bass began in earnest. I found a tape with a performance from these guys and I would play it all day long back then.

    1. Noisia & Alix Perez – Underprint

My friend showed me a short mix-cut of this track and just impressed me with the clean mixdown and the concept. It still sounds good nowadays and it’s great to come back to this track sometimes and listen to it again.

    1. Prolix – Exile

I bought a CD called Hype Wars Episode One mixed by DJ Hype and besides a ton of other great tracks on it I kept going back to one track. It was “Exile” by Prolix. This track was one of the very first drum and bass tracks which formed my interest in drum and bass music in general. It was a big honor and pleasure to release a single “Radiation / Turn It Out” on his label Trendkill Records. He is a very kind and positive person and has given us a lot of support.

The Abyss by Synergy is out now and available for purchase on Beatport or to stream on Eatbrain’s Soundcloud, along with their new podcast mix on the player below.