It’s been a month since Electric Forest wrapped up and one attendee, Kevin Graves is still nowhere to be found. Volunteers are dedicated to combing the surrounding areas for the missing music fest camper, which is now being described as a “recovery” effort.

“We’re still hopeful, however, for all intent(s) and purposes, it is now a recovery,” SSAR director Ron Adkins explains.

On top of the search, Graves’ family is offering a $10,000 reward for any information that leads to his return.

Friends and family are also reaching out to the Electric Forest community directly. Angie Sapone, a close friend to Graves and his girlfriend recently posted via a related Facebook group to ask for any recollection or tips about what could have happened to him leading up to his disappearance.

Join the Electric Forest Year-Round group for the full post and set of photos here.

I am reaching out to all electric forest attendees. Hoping maybe not just a missing poster might help Kevin’s family and girlfriend kaela. Kevin and keala [were] at electric forest the second week June 27th through July 2nd. I am posting a pic of the area believed to be where the camp sight was CAMP REVERB. I am posting pics of the couple to jog your memory. I believe they where in a dark color Jeep Cherokee. Please any information could help. Look through your photos look in the background. Did you have any encounter with them or Kevin at any time? He was said to be last seen Sunday afternoon around 1pm. Please help Kevin Graves family and his girlfriend. We might just be able to put the puzzle together and narrow out Search efforts. You can help right from home. Go through your pics and memories – THEY NEED TO KNOW.


Source: MLive