Maroon 5 and Cardi B’s “Girls Like You” is the #3 song in the world right now, so remixing it is a big deal for rising producer Cray. It’s actually surprising how much Cray managed to keep the vibe of the original while putting her own electronic flair on it.

Adam Levine’s voice glides softly over a deep bassline as the song begins, punctuated by soft claps of the hi hat, before it goes deeper in the drop. Everything feels a little slower, a little like you’re drowning, as if you’ve just taken some strong anesthetic … the sounds swim around you in a whirlpool of sonic bliss and you feel weightless within it.

It’s not what we would usually expect from Cray, but we certainly have to tip our hats to her for this one. Check it out below.


Photo via Oh Dag Yo Photography