The day has finally come for Rezz’s second album, Certain Kind Of Magic, to finally be revealed to the world, and what a glorious day it is. For those who remember, there was a small debate (for a short time) when Rezz’s first album, Mass Manipulation, came out whether it was actually an album or just a rather long EP. Fans, and Rezz herself, eventually settled on the fact that it was indeed an album, which may or may not impact how you feel about CKOM.

But ultimately, that’s all beside the point. Rezz has succeeded in (cult)ivating one of the most die-hard groups of fans in dance music, and aside from her wonderful personality, it’s all due to the amazing music she produces. Having already heard three singles from the album, fans are now treated to the full scope of CKOM, including collaborations with 1788-LKotek, Deathpact, 13, and Fytch.

Overall, I’d say that CKOM feels more cohesive and put together than her first album, and that’s only to be expected after receiving feedback and working harder than ever before. Having 13 and Kotek come back for the second album also gives it a sense of continuity that’s rather interesting, and additions of collaboration with not one, but two mystery producers – 1788-L and Deathpact – gives this album an intense air of mystery, as well.

We’ve already spouted on about how much we love “H E X,” as has much of the EDM community as large, but other standouts on the album are “Teleportal” with Kotek and “Toxin” with Fytch. The latter actually happens to be our second favorite track on the whole album, as the combination of Fytch and Rezz is truly something of dreams. And since Rezz never plays out the drop in “Sirens Over Paris,” I feel like this is long overdue anyhow.

You can listen to Certain Kind Of Magic in full below.


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