It’s always an exciting prospect to find a documentary which changes your opinion and opens your insight to a further dimension especially when it is something which is so close to you as electronic music. With the arrival of his short documentary ‘In Perspective’, Mark Schmocker offers viewers a revolutionary experience for electronic music lovers. Giving a behind the scenes look into a new music generation. A generation which features the prominence of the rising home producer and DJ. This short documentary follows Mark all through his adventures in: Australia, Europe, US and Canada. Capturing his experiences and memories as Mark visits different homes and studios to reveal the more profound identities, emotions and lives of performers and how this dynamic new lifestyle evolves through their sound and creative process.

The 25-minute video features electronic industry heavyweights including: Adventure Club, Elephante, Just A Gent, Two Friends, Didrick, Hellberg and Exit Friendzone. This documentary offers an incredibly insightful and real life understanding for anyone who has paid interest, works or produces within the music industry. Offering a raw image of how producers operate delving into their ‘off camera’ normal lifestyle which may contradict those classic EDM hype images we see broadcasted so often. Mark comments on his intention to capture this real image of EDM scene:

“I had this idea and knew I wanted to basically capture them as people as opposed to artists. [I wanted to] explore their everyday life rather than just the glamour,”

Enjoy Mark’s natural interactions and real image of the EDM scene below: