If you’re needing something to give you that boost to conquer this day, look no further. Bailo, VRG, and rapper Born I Music all teamed up for the massive single, “Firestorm”, that truly lives up to the name. It’s the first time these three have come together and it is something special, one that I’m so stoked to premiere for you guys.

Born I Music kicks off the track, providing incredible flow over a flawless trap arrangement. Everything builds into electrifying chaos, as Bailo & VRG provide not one but two thunderous drops that are just ridiculous. You can definitely count on hearing this one out a lot for the rest of the year!

“Firestorm goes hard! VRG and I gave the production a healthy dose of BASS and Born I Music went in on the vocals. Get your extinguisher ready! ”Bailo

Listen to “Firestorm” by Bailo, VRG, & Born I Music below!