It’s been a while since Bro Safari & UFO!’s album Animal… 6 years to be exact. But now, the two are teaming up again on another collaborative album that proves to be even more wild and wonky than the last. And if there’s any question of that, you need only listen to the album’s lead single, “N.U.M.B.”

“N.U.M.B” plays fast and loose with conventional bass rhythms. Chirping crickets, gurgling vocals, spooky synths, and an off-kilter rhythm characterize this insane adventure into the depths of Bro Safari’s and UFO!’s minds.

Their forthcoming album Clockwork, according to the press release for the single, “promises to be a conceptual listening journey that connects the constellation dots between experimental bass and other leftfield sounds. It’s a journey through the artist’s personal musical influences with a splash of science fiction and space exploration.”

Sign me up.

Listen to “N.U.M.B” below.


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