We at Your EDM have depended on photos from Rukes for much of our coverage, from individual DJ close ups to shots of festival main stages to some of the most spectacular meetings of DJs ever to have happened. Personally, I have over 1,000 Rukes images saved on my computer.

Now, it’s ours and everyone’s turn to give back and help Rukes as he has helped us. As he explains in the tweet below, his parents were involved in a vehicle collision in early 2017. His mom was able to walk away with only minor injuries, but his father was left with severe neurological damage, including “TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), expressive aphasia, and has also developed severe depression and PTSD.”

As you might imagine, this has resulted in the loss of a major portion of his parents’ income and they are now struggling to pay medical bills “while they wait for their lawsuit with their insurance company to go through, which may take a few years.”

Steve Aoki, Destructo, Alvin Risk, 3LAU, Party Favor, Kayzo’s mom, Gareth Emery, RUDGR, and more have already made contributions to the fund. Anything helps. Go here to donate if you are able.