It’s no secret that Bassnectar is against religion and most politics in general, but it’s less often that we get a multi-day diatribe from him on the subjects.

Beginning with a tweet this past Saturday captioned “jesus hates republicans,” Bassnectar began to expound his views on religion and politics, generally centering around the idea that religion is evil and only serves to brainwash people who’d rather not think critically for themselves.

He’s careful to point out that he doesn’t deny the existence outright of some “higher power,” but rather decries the state of organized religion and its subsequent indoctrination of followers.

Bassnectar speaks specifically of Christianity in his tirade, not making mention of more generally peaceful religions like Buddhism or Hinduism. Doing so angered many of his Christian fans, one of whom responded, “To insult my religion just because some people don’t have the same views as you? I thought oh we’re about love an acceptance? That’s a shame. I have a basscenter ticket for sale.”

Bassnectar responded to this fan, “I have zero respect for religion. It’s nothing but monkey tribalism and cave man hocus pocus. Religion is anti love and anti peace. Sell the ticket man! Jesus is whispering in my ear that you’re basic.”

You can read his full criticism below.