The Choices We Face is only DROELOE’s second EP, but it already shows a concrete direction and mature sound for the duo that is miles beyond what other producers are putting out. The 7-track EP flits between pop, downtempo, electronic, and other styles, but always settles back into a core sound and theme.

“The choice of following your dreams is tough to hold onto sometimes because there are so many distractions, influences and thoughts in your own head that will lead you astray from it. This EP is about trying to find the balance of having the urge to impact the world around you vs letting it have an impact on you.” – DROELOE

The new EP out now via bitbird is an whimsical journey into the minds of these Dutch future bass phenoms, and will almost certainly require more than one listen to properly absorb everything that’s going on both on and beneath the surface.

“A year ago it felt like we were just fresh out of school but now everything has become more serious than it was, and also way more complex. We travel so much but are never in one place for a really long time anymore. So it’s like trying to balance work with how you feel personally and also be happy and creative because those things go together… If you’re not in a good spot or a creative mindset it’s hard to get something done and make it authentic and true.”

Listen to The Choices We Face below.