Nashville’s 24-8 Management is responsible for managing some of the biggest names in bass music like Herobust and Spag Heddy, and have now added a brand new face to the roster, the grammy-nominated producer Jonny Grande. Since his start, he’s remixed for Bassnectar, Post Malone, and also released his ‘Soundboy Killa’ EP nearly a year ago that took the hype of bass music to a whole new level.

To celebrate the signing, I’m happy to premiere his electrifying, self-directed music video for his track off the ‘Soundboy Killa’ EP, “Purple Haze”, featuring another talented up and comer, Lucy Jane.

The song speaks for itself as they turn up the strange with this wonky, trap/dubstep hybrid acid trip. The video is even crazier, truly taking a ride on the wild side as the main character has one of the wildest nights ever scripted. You’ll see what I mean as soon as you press play. The video also features a very special cameo at 1:14, definitely keep an eye out for it!

Overall, Jonny Grande is a well-rounded artist with a big heart, someone who I have no doubt will achieve incredible things beyond what he’s already done.

Check out the “Purple Haze” music video below!