With releases in the last few months on Invisible, EatBrain, Blackout and Maztek’s burgeoning label 0101, Repill seems to be one of the most sought-after producers in hard drum and bass at the moment. His upcoming EP on Blackout called Fission is out tomorrow and is also the first solo EP he’s done since Call of the Warchief on Eatbrain in January. The last premiere before this mega EP drops is called “Jealousy,” and Your EDM’s got it.

With Fission it seems Redpill is definitely doing a return to form in terms of his own style, Blackout and even neurofunk. The brassy, techy synths of OG Blackout and BSE releases are in no short supply here, nor are the cracking kicks of neurofunk. The title of Fission seems apropos here, as stylistically the EP seems to be a breaking apart of some ofothe new rules and re-focusing neurofunk and hard drum and bass after it fused with so many other factions in 2017 and 2018, and when Redpill is at the controls, we all know it’s definitely going to be nuclear.

“Jealousy” intros with a load of chaotic-sounding metallic banging noises and sort of melodic synth, once again reminiscent of earlier neuro. The first drop is grimy and metallic and as the opening beat gets going, a subtle double-kick is introduced along with a second set of synths which eventually layer over and swirl around each other.

The second drop is a bit of a surprise, as with it the track transitions into a sort of sped up halftime vibe, heavy on the snares. More snares are incorporated before the end of the track to bring the beat back to drum and bass. It’s really interesting because there’s no real break or hard transition, it just eases back to DnB. Thetrack finishes out that way, with a slightly different beat than before but very much DnB. The outro,which spirals the track back down to the end, may be the same banging pipes effect that was in the intro only played backwards, slowed down and distorted. It’s a cool effect either way and a very cool end to the track.

With Fission and all his work lately, Redpill seems to be really expanding his style and trying new things. Even in the case of this very neuro-and-hard-DnB-heavy EP, there are unexpected twists and fun points of interest, like with the beat switch-up in “Jealousy.” Definitely an EP to pick up and Redpill is still very much one to watch.

Fission by Redpill is out tomorrow, August 17 on Blackout. Check out Beatport or the Blackout website and Soundcloud for the full release drop.