Bobby Nourmand is taking the dance music world by storm and this new remix is a prime demonstration of his immaculate artistry at work.

Vocals from “Sparrows” by the New Mystics lead the track into some deep, haunting territory as Nourmand lays down the groundwork by his own design. A pounding beat drives this remix forward from the start as he finds a sweet spot between techno and deep house — but no need to classify this track as anything else but pure magic. 

With this remix, Nourmand offers a diverse, evocative experience, through sounds of nature, lyrical echoes, dusty percussion and overall, an intricately layered soundscape. With each listen though, it’s easy to hear something new and exciting about his production. And, when it ends, the “Sparrows” remix leaves a lingering imprint in your head. 

This latest offering from the LA-based artist is the third release on the producer’s own, newly-launched DITN (Deep in the Night) Records, which follows up “The Sun” and “Subterranean.” Also, some great listens there.

Listen and link up below, because this most definitely isn’t the last you’ll be hearing from Bobby Nourmand.

New Mystics – Sparrows (Bobby Nourmand Remix)

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