If you’ve never heard of Ekaruz, don’t be ashamed. The brand new duo just put out their second song ever today and it’s our pleasure to premiere “SIGH.”

The duo from Frankfurt have teamed up with producers Jules Kalmbacher & Benedikt Meile for the new single, which blends effervescent pop melodies with falsetto vocals that border on Matthew Koma-esque with their own unique twist.

“We wrote the song towards the end of our university-career when we discussed real world dreams and goals with our peers. We realized that mostly status and materialistic aspects seemed to be prioritized,” says the duo’s guitarist Marius. “Nico and I played along for a while, however, we couldn’t help but feel torn – just like the person in the song. We’re extremely happy that we went with making music after all.”

The track expresses the inner conflict between personal needs and the constant pressure to function, something that has become a constant struggle in today’s society. Check out “Sigh” below!