Spinnin’ Records may have just revealed David Guetta‘s new alias with the release of “Overtone.” The track was released under the unfamiliar name Jack Back, coincidentally the same name as David Guetta’s record label. Not only that, but Guetta is the only known figure to publicly debut the track. He played the exclusive ID at Ultra Europe this year, according to EDMTunes.

But the artist doesn’t appear to be too concerned with hiding his connection to the alias. Jack Back’s new Instagram profile is followed by only a handful of accounts and two of those are Guetta’s press manager, José Woldring, and Pierre George Kieffer, a Warner Music France representative.

Like we’ve seen with other popular artists, debuting a new alias is a great way for artists to rebrand and release music that appeals to a fan base outside their norm. For example, Boys Noize’s recent project ELAX that hasn’t reached mainstream audiences quite yet. It’s a perfect way for large artists to experiment with new sounds without being constrained by the criticism and expectations that follow such success.

There is no solid proof that Guetta is behind the alias Jack Back; but regardless, the track was noticed by Guetta and a few people close to him so we must admit the correlation is there.

Check out “Overtone” by Jack Back below and let us know what you think.


Photo Via Rukes.com