Lucchii & Crystalize are both incredible producers in their own right, so you can imagine the look on my face when I saw that they’d teamed up for a collaboration with Akacia on Thrive Music.

“Memøry” begins innocently enough, with subtle vocal echoes and a sweet, light melody drifting as if a leaf on the wind. However, like anything floating, it must eventually come down… and gravity hits hard on this one. The vocal begins to distort and get darker as the suspense builds, turning melodic synths into mechanical grinds, percussion slowly getting faster and faster with arduous intensity and wanton abandon until suddenly – it erupts.

Glitchy synths and midtempo vibes permeate the drop of a song that was once so serene. It’s as if the gates of hell were opened upon a peaceful village and unleashed demon beasts upon the unsuspecting townsfolk. (Now that I write that out, if that isn’t turned into visuals for a tour, I’m going to be very disappointed.)

Check out “Memøry” via Thrive Music below!