Earlier this year, Francesca Lombardo dropped the single “Eye Ring” to preview her upcoming album, Life Of Leaf. The single found Lombardo experimenting with a poppier sound, perhaps a sound more fitting for a full album. Fast forward a few months, and Lombardo is remixing herself on the Eye Ring – Dance Remixes EP. She’s also received a little help from some friends.

As the name suggests, the EP takes “Eye Ring” into many different, dancier directions. First, Lombardo remixes her own track to fit her patented tech house style. Martin Buttrich, another tech house icon, offers two remixes for the EP, both of which are labeled dubs. Guti teams up with Francesco Tristano for two more remixes, rounding out the EP for a wide variety of tech house styles and sounds.

A dance remix EP for a slower, poppier track is nothing new, but the remixes on this EP offer fresh interpretations of Lombardo’s original track. Her new album Life Of Leaf will release in the future.

Check out Lombardo’s own remix for “Eye Ring” below: