4B dropped “Ice Cold” back in the beginning of July, and he’s back now with an absurdly massive 18-track remix pack for the single, with plenty of new names we’ve never seen before. Of course there are some that ring bells – Junkie Kid, Bailo, Jace Mek – but the goal of this EP seems to be to give unknown producers a chance to shine. Let’s see if that works.

Michael Sparks puts forth a wild bass house remix that plays with the bassline in a new way, leaving plenty of space in the lead synth and not overloading it with bass. Duckworthsound gives another example of bass that somehow bridges Jersey club, bass house, and electro house all in one, giving it a vastly unique signature that might put some off, but excite others.

TYEGUYS opt for the hard trance route, pulling out psytrance sounds blended with hard dance, a favorite style of Kayzo as we’ve seen.

Which remix is your favorite!? Let us know. Check them all out below.