Grime music seems to be yet another form of electronic music which is bleeding its way across the pond from the UK to the U.S., and wit crossover-style albums like Kid D’s new Authentic Expressions LP, it seems trap-style hop hop is bleeding its way right back. It makes sense, really, as the two styles have a similar tempo and can really compliment each other.

On this seminal album, Kid D seems to have taken the best parts of U.S. hip hop and UK grime and put them together with his own style to make tracks with robust snare-heavy, trap style beats but also lots of cinematic grime style music and production. Add in his smooth and versatile vocals, and you’ve got one hell of a unique and punchy LP on your hands.

Kid D has released Authentic Expressions on his new 2 Easy Records Imprint, and it’s been featured on the BBC and RinseFM, among others. With such an original record an even more original style and in the face of the current hip hop/grime crossover climate, Your EDM asked Kid D to come up with a playlist of his top five influences. They are unsurprisingly a great mix of grime and hip hop, and the prolific artist gave us some great explanations as to why they’re his favorite. Also be sure to check out the video for his track “Wavin’” below.

Timbaland: Man this guy…where to start. Timbaland is a god of sound. To be precise he has always influenced me from the early days when I started producing. He has such a unique sound where you can always tell it’s one of his productions and to me I would say Timbaland has a part in being responsible for the style and flavor which we hear and see in hip hop and R&B today.

Alchemist: My reason for choosing Alchemist is because of his pure art which he brought to the table in the 90s. He played a big role in creating a lot of hits and helping a lot of artists develop themselves into something special. His use of samples has always influenced me greatly by the way he chops the right sample to go with the correct instruments in such a smooth manner so I would say Alchemist is definitely in my top five for being such a huge influence to hip hop and myself.

Ghetts: Now here we go! My choice for choosing Ghetts in my top five musicians is because of his strong drive, determination and consistency to always deliver powerful and life-changing music to the world, His vocal style to me is very authentic and every track always has meaning whether it is positive or negative, Ghetts created a sound for new MCs to learn off and helped mold the UK grime scene into what it is today.

50 Cent: 50 has always been the guy for me, from the start if his career he has kept the same attitude and hunger for what he believes in, himself. This for me is such a big inspiration as 50 cent has made a huge impact on the world from his music to his films and TV shows.

Skepta: Last but not least…Skepta the BBK don. His work rate is crazy and always delivers for his fans. His use of DIY is a big influence because he shows that anything is possible and we can all do it with a bit of hard work and I feel like he has opened doors for a lot of musicians in the UK and U.S..

Kid D’s Authentic Expressions LP is out now and available on Beatport or on the 2 East Records Bandcamp page, where it can also be streamed along with all the releases thus far on the label. The album’s Spotify playlist is listed below.