Electronic dance music or EDM is why we’re all here, isn’t it? It’s the reason why we have this website and it’s why we talk about the Calvin Harris and Tiësto so much — and it’s probably why you’re reading this. But, although it’s pretty straightforward, it seems not everyone has a strong hold on the term.

An interesting post popped up on Reddit this morning via r/EDM entitled “Calvin talking the truth.” The screenshot details an exchange between Calvin Harris, Tiësto and a fan, which they politely enough put in their place. To really absorb what’s going on, check out the second image in this post.

“Big @tiesto at Omnia last night. What is happening in second pic,” Calvin shared.

A fan proceeded to caption the second photo for him. “He is telling you: why did you stop producing EDM bro?”

It wasn’t long before Calvin shot back with his response.”If you’re gonna use the term ‘edm’ then house music is included under the edm umbrella. If your edm umbrella is strictly progressive house then u need to get a new umbrella fella.”

“Truth!” Tiësto followed up.

Welp, now that we all know what EDM is — actually what is happening in that second pic? See below.

Calvin Harris Talking The Truth

Calvin talking the truth from EDM


Big @tiesto at Omnia last night. What is happening in second pic 🤔

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Photo via Rukes.com