Idris Elba is a renowned actor around the globe, famous for roles in everything from The Wire to Thor. Elba also famously moonlights as a DJ and producer, playing festivals like Tomorrowland and even launching his own record label. It’s only inevitable Elba will collaborate with an artist outside the dance world, and it sounds like A$AP Rocky may be a likely candidate.

Elba teased a possible, eventual Rocky collaboration during an interview with Matt Wilkinson on the Beats 1 radio station on Apple Music. Elba mentioned he and Rocky share a mutual friend in the form of Rocky’s engineer and producer. He admitted the collaboration with Rocky wouldn’t necessarily be music; Rocky has acted in films before and apparently wants to act more. Elba also mentioned how he and Skepta are friends, and that Skepta is connected to Rocky. All the pieces for a collaboration line up, but it seems to be a matter of “when,” not “if.”

Fingers crossed a collaboration between Elba and Rocky pans out one day! Watch the full Beats 1 interview below: