Say what you want about Eminem — but he just became the first and only artist to have nine consecutive No. 1 albums. That’s saying something.

He just broke UK’s longstanding record previously and jointly held for 36 years by Abba and Led Zeppelin. All thanks to his latest album Kamikaze, a truly uncensored representation of his current artistry and mindset. Though the record dropped with no promo and no warning, Em managed to hit No. 1, no problem.

This incredible run dates back 18 years to his second studio album, The Marshall Mathers LP. That classic Eminem is the raw, unapologetic Eminem that we’ve held as a standard for the rest of his work. Whether he hit the bar or severely missed it (depending on who you ask) with each album that followed, he has consistently stayed on top.

Eminem’s released a statement alongside the news —  “Does this mean I get to call myself Sir Eminem?”

Eminem – Kamikaze

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Photo by EJ Hersom